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North Carolina Closings & Cancellations

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Program Enrollment
1) Create Account
3) Post Setup Tasks
2) Add Business or Organization
How It Works
Thank you for choosing to announce your organization's schedule changes due to inclement weather, or other circumstances. The following process will take about 5-10 minutes of your time; divided into 2-3 short sessions.

Part 1: Create Account
You will create an account to login to the system. Before you will be able to add your organization's information, you will need to check your email and follow the instructions in the confirmation email

Part 2: Add Business or Organization
You will enter all of your organization's pertinent info and make choices on how you want to use the system and what information will be shown to the public

Part 3: Post Enrollment Tasks
After your organization is approved you will be able to set up automated notifications to be sent via email to organization members, TV or Radio stations, or anyone else you would like. You will also have a chance to invite others to post closings for your organization.